Calendrier des activités

Evènement Date Lieu
DUBAI EXPO 2020 1st oct. 2021-mar. 31th 2022 Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis
13th Exhibition of Agribusiness Industries in the OIC Member States 1st-4th October 2021 (Postponed 2022) Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
10e session de la commission statistique de l’OCI (organisé par SESRIC) 05-07 octobre 2021 Ankara, Turquie (virtuel)
World Investment Forum 17 -21 October 2021 Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Ateliers de formation sur l’agrégation et l’analyse des balances nationales alimentaires des pays de l’OCI (organisé par SESRIC) 18-22 octobre 2021 Ankara, Turquie (virtuel)
Symposium sur les statistiques des investissement étrangers directs (organisé par la CNUCED) 19 octobre 2021 Genève , Suisse
Doing Business en Indonésie (organisé par CIDC) 21 octobre 2021 Casablanca, Maroc (virtuel)
Panel on OIC Investment Climate 21 October 2021 Virtual
2nd Organic and Local Products Exhibition of the OIC Member States 26-31 octobre 2021 Tunis, Tunisie
Forum on the development prospects of Women Owned Cooperatives in West and Central Africa November 2021 To be confirmed
Sommet global des économies islamiques 1-2 novembre 2021 Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis
Preparatory EGM on MC12 issues 10-11 November 2021 Virtual
Doing Business en Irak (organisé par CIDC) 16 Novembre 2021 Casablanca, Maroc (virtuel)
8e salon des produits Halal des états membres de l’OCI 25-28 novembre 2021 Istanbul, Turquie
OIC Ministerial Consultative Meeting 29 November 2021 Geneva, Switzerland
Panel on Agricultural trade negotiations 1st December 2021 Geneva, Switzerland
17ème Foire Commerciale des Etats Membres de l’OCI 6-9 december 2021 Dakar, Senegal
Regional Awareness Seminars on the Importance TPS/OIC October / December 2021 CEMAC/COMESA/North Africa/CIS
Workshop on Digital Transformation for Enhancing Trade End of year 2021 Virtual
Webinar on Empowering Women in International Trade 2021
Training workshop on Investment Promotion Techniques for the benefit of IPAs 2021 during the WAIPA Meeting Virtual
Investment Forum in Africa 2021/2022 Ouganda
Workshop on the operationalization and technical assistance category C 2022
Regional workshop on WTO TFA and benefits of the Regional Plan for OIC Countries 10-11 January 2022 During Expo2020 Dubai
OIC IPAs Forum 12 January 2022 During Expo Dubai 2020
Forum on Trade Credit and Political risk insurance as facilitator of trade and investment in OIC Countries 19-20 January 2022 During Expo 2020 Dubai
Africa Trade Forum 17 February 2022 During Expo Dubai 2020
OIC Asia Africa Business Forum 21 February 2022 During Expo Dubai 2020
International Exhibition on Plastics Industry 1st -6thJune 2022 Casablanca- Morocco
OIC Private Sector Forum: “Tapping the Potential of the Private Sector to Promote Sustainable Development in OIC Member States” 2022 Amman, Jordan
Workshop on the mechanism for dispute settlement related to the implementation of the Agreement for Promotion, Protection and Guarantee of Investment 2022 Virtual , Casablanca, Morocco
Workshop on data collection and analysis on investment, credit and trade statistics 2022
Training Workshop for the benefit of the Regional Project on Sustainable Tourism Development in a Network of cross-border parks and protected areas in West Africa First quarter of 2022