The Board of Directors is composed of 9 members, including the host country, elected from the candidates list of the Member States for a period of three (3) years, renewable only once, according to the principle of equitable geographical distribution.

The Board of Directors will meet at least once a year and formulate policies and programs and provide technical supervision of the activities of the Center.

The Director General shall be appointed by the Secretary General from the list of candidates presented by the Member States, in consultation with the Board of Directors and the Headquarters country for a period of four years renewable once only.

The Director General supervises the managements of the projects and activities of the Center as well as the implementation of the program of activities in compliance with the provisions of this statute, the internal regulations and other regulatory provisions.


The members of our Board of Directors for the period of 2022 to 2024 are :

  • People’s Republic of BANGLADESH
  • Republic of CAMEROON
  • Republic of COTE D’IVOIRE
  • Republic of INDONESIA
  • Kingdom of MOROCCO
  • Federal Republic of NIGERIA
  • Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN
  • Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA
  • Republic of TUNISIA