The overabundance of data on the Internet is hindering the ability of decision-makers to access strategic information. A great volume of content is available, yet it is either drowned in a flood of super-fluous data or is extremely difficult to access.

The implementation of a monitoring solution enable the sorting of this surplus of information in order to provide useful information that accurately matches the needs of the economic stakeholders of the member countries.

In this regard and thanks to this solution, ICDT publish weekly newsletter with the aim of :

  • Understanding the environment of OIC member countries in order to seize development opportunities.
  • Observing trends and dynamics related to trade and investment in the OIC zone in an anticipatory manner.
  • Elaborating regular thematic and sectoral analyses as well as recommendations as an aid to decision-making for public and private authorities.
  • Increasing the responsiveness of the economic stakeholders to trade and investment development issues.

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