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March 6th, 2023 11:29 pm

18th Trade Fair of OIC Member States, 16-18 June 2023, Lahore – Islamic Republic of Pakistan ;

The objective of this fair is to gather all the economic actors of the OIC area, in order to stimulate intra-OIC trade and investment in various sectors.

10th  Halal Products Fair of OIC Member States, 31 May – 4 June 2023 – Tunis, Republic of Tunisia

This exhibition aims at welcoming the actors of the Halal sector, in search of business and partnership opportunities in the OIC countries. It constitutes an excellent platform for the companies and actors of the Halal sector to promote their products and services and to enhance investments in this sector.

5th  Health Expo of OIC Member States “5th  OIC Health Expo”, 18 – 21 May 2023, Dakar – Republic of Senegal

This exhibition welcomes the actors of the Health sector (pharmaceutical industries, service providers, nutrition and dietetics professionals, surgery, wellness care, medical training institutions etc….) in the OIC countries.

3rd  OIC Tourism Fair, 20-22 November 2023, Doha, State of Qatar

The Fair aims to enhance cooperation among OIC countries in the tourism sector, promote historical monuments and tourist sites of member states, and encourage investment in this sector.

2nd  Cotton, Textile and Clothing Exhibition of OIC Member States, 19-22 July 2023, Abidjan – Republic of Côte d’Ivoire

The objective of this exhibition is to enable professionals in the cotton and textile sectors to exhibit their products, discover the latest production techniques, learn about new equipment and solutions to improve productivity and to network with experts in the sector.