Institutional Fairs

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Within the framework of sectoral fairs and  specialized exhibitions, ICDT has always endeavored to bring together the economic operators of the OIC countries in order to promote their products and services, or enable them conclude commercial transactions and establish partnership relations.

These fairs are held in accordance with the resolutions adopted by the various Ministerial Sessions of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) that designate the host country.

These events are organized in partnership with the host country authorities in charge of trade and investment promotion.

On the sidelines of these institutional fairs, there are B2B meetings, forums and thematic panels.

Invest Days

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Investment Forums are an opportunity for economic operators from OIC Member States to explore the potential and numerous investment opportunities in the host country. Organized in partnership with the Investment Promotion Agency of the host country, this event is a great opportunity for ICDT to acquaint itself with the investment opportunities through:

  • Providing a map of promising sectors liable to generate investments;
  • Promoting co-investment among OIC champions for greater added value and enhanced integration among OIC countries;
  • Highlighting cooperation and synergy among OIC countries..

Promotion of Strategic Products

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Within the framework of the promotion of strategic products, ICDT has organized several buyers-sellers meetings. The goal is to promote their exports to Member States, with a view to increasing the income of producers and traders in this sector. Moreover, it represents an opportunity to develop investments in this sector and to sustain or create value chains within the OIC space.

Partner Fairs

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Thanks to its expertise, ICDT acts as a partner of several specialized fairs and exhibitions held in the OIC area. It provides all types of support: logistic, financial and promotional.